Student & Professional Observations
University of Miami, the student who most helped me create Christus, 2005
David served as a friend, teacher, conductor and mentor as I was gathering much needed experience in the post college music field. I apprenticed with him as a live-in assistant during the “year of Christus” and I accompanied for the Ocean Reef chapel choir under his direction. I am currently making a living using the skills that were developed during my studies with David. David is a true scholar. The meticulous editing that went into the project was no small task. Through David I learned the do’s and donts of musical formatting, editing and copy work. Skills I had no idea would be so valuable as I currently apply these skills on a regular basis. It is by David’s work that I learned attention to detail and developed an eye for editing and music notation, not to mention lightning speed notation input. Looking back, I’m not sure how he ever managed to put up with me as a young inexperienced musician. I know he must have had high levels of patience and confidence in me and for that I am truly grateful.”

—John Loren Fairbanks, accompanist
and chief aide producing

The Citadel, Catholic Cadet Choir, 2014–2017
“I came to The Citadel with no choir experience and in a short time David was able to help me not only sing well as part of the group, but develop my confidence by teaching me to cantor and sing solos that I otherwise wouldn’t have taken on. Singing was something I had never done before and thanks to him and the choir it became a very large part of my college experience.”

—2LT Timothy Behnke,
cadet choir commander

St. John the Beloved, Parish Choir, 2015–2017
“David is a very straightforward and professional director. He treats adults as human beings first and he is very good at understanding his singers’ strengths.”

—Stephen G., choir member and
high school choral director

University of Miami, Chamber Singers, Spring 2006 & Christus Production, 2005
“As if his degrees weren’t enough evidence, a simple conversation or rehearsal would illuminate the amount of thought, knowledge, and dedication David Friddle has for musicianship. Each rehearsal was meticulously planned for maximum efficacy, a skill that is emulated in my own rehearsals today. Beyond singing in his choir, my fondest memories of Dr. Friddle were getting to know him beyond the stand as I was on the team that helped him edit the Bärenreiter publication of a work by Liszt. Not only was he a brilliant man, but was also full of compassion and care.”

—Eric Firestone, assistant with Christus,
choir member and now a
middle school choral director

University of Miami, Conducting Student & Christus Assistant, 2004–2005
“David Friddle’s meticulous musical direction brings out the best of both an individual and an entire ensemble. His ability to communicate ideas clearly elevates the standard of musicianship that is required in the quality sound of an entire music program.”

—James Senson, assistant with Christus
and student in my conducting classes

University of South Carolina Upstate,
Music Appreciation, Spring 2013
“Strengths—goes over material, tells you what you need to know, puts slides up for further understanding.”

University of South Carolina Upstate,
Chamber Choir, Spring 2013
“10/10. Always helpful to me, very intelligent. I’m going to miss you next year.”

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