Welcome to St. John the Beloved Concerts

Saint John the Beloved has been hosting a series of music and performing arts events each season bringing a wide variety of talented performers to the Summerville area. Established in 2008 as the St. John the Beloved Music and Arts Festival by then SJB Music Director Greg Homza, the SJB Concert Series has grown in size and scope each year. In 2013, Dr. Jill Terhaar Lewis served as interim director during the transition time between music directors and is now the Assistant Director of the Concert Series under SJB’s current Music Director Dr. David Friddle.

Featuring performing groups ranging from classical choral and chamber ensembles, to jazz, to folk music featuring spirituals, gospel singing, steel drum band, Tuvan throat singing and an a cappella quartet, the SJB Concert Series reaches a wide and varied audience.
In addition to small ensemble performances, major instrumental and choral works have been performed as well as staged plays, Lessons and Carols and Taizé services. The SJB Concert Series serves the greater Summerville community with stimulating programming connecting artists and audiences.

You may now select individual concerts to make your requested donation through PayPal or debit/credit cards. If you choose to make your donations online for a specific concert, your name will be added to a list that will be at the door to the church in the Commons. Thank you in advance for your continued support.