History of the Choir

The choir has evolved greatly since its founding in 1984. Initially it was small group led by Joan Lejweski, who played a guitar; however, but it was by no means a choir as we know it today.

In 1986, or thereabouts, the director of Christ the King parish in Mt. Pleasant recommended a young man who had studied music, played the guitar, and sang. But, still it was not a choir; members sat behind him at Mass even though there were some formal practice sessions. Still, there was no SATB parts; the choir basically sang single melodies during Mass.

When Father Lathem took over the parish, one of his goals was to develop a true music ministry to support the weekly Masses. To accomplish this, he hired the first legitimate choir director, Sister Evelyn Brokish. She had formal choir training and a complete understanding of the liturgy and how to encompass the music ministry into the Mass.

Sister was determined to develop a functioning choir. She taught basic formal music, developed harmonies, and set up a program for long term development. She grabbed people from the congregation who she thought could contribute to the choir and brought them in.
Sister Evelyn spent the next seven years building the foundations of the choir. She began the first cantoring program, even though in the beginning only the responsesorial Psalm was sung. After she left, there was a short term transition director; unfortunately, the choir took a step backward and some members left.

Then the pastor decided to recruit a more accomplished and experienced director; thus, Allen Davis was hired as a full time music director. He had highly advanced formal training on the organ and the decision was made to purchase a pipe organ for the church. This was accomplished through an extensive fund raising campaign that was very successful and allowed for the purchase of our current organ, built by the Peragallo Organ Company.

Along with his skills on the organ, Allen had formal choral training and experience in very large parishes in the northeast United States. He went farther than Sister Evelyn in training choir members in the proper techniques along with expanding the cantor program to more of what it is today as being a larger part of the Mass celebration.