If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then these five pages of photos should top the 100,000 mark. In addition to pictures of my family and friends, I have photos from a journey to Australia and New Zealand I made in the early fall—it was early summer down under.
Before that trip I could take or leave natural beauty; I was more interested in a painting of nature than nature herself. While I was there, however, I had an epiphany of sorts and came away with a real sense of awe at the varieties of watery, craggy, searing hot and bitter cold scenery nature has to offer.

The people included are my family of origin, including my parents, sister, nephew and niece. My family of choice, as it is called, is comprised of some of the dearest individuals in the world. Friends who have infinite patience and understanding and who seem to be able to give unending support. It is these people who make me laugh, who house me when I visit; I share both meals and deep secrets with them and I listen to their dreams and fears. They are my tribe and I love them all individually and collectively. And, most of all, I cherish them because they love and forgive me
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