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For those of you who are looking at me as a potential staff member, this is an area of personal things: photos, a tribute to a former teacher, my daily calendar and this really cool map with addresses of people, places and things.

It’s important for potential employers to know more about me than just my professional credentials; indeed, there is as much to learn about who David Friddle is in these personal pages as in the professional ones.

I only ask that you look at these pages in the spirit they are posted: love of friends and family; remembrances of a great trip to Australia and New Zealand; a tribute to a former teacher who changed my life; and my day to day activities.

In the end, it is a person’s ability to relate to individuals and groups that determines success. Someone with a major talent is handicapped if he or she is unable to communicate his ideas to others. Thus, the side of me that can empathize, relate, enjoy, support and love the people around me. This is me not as a “human doing;” it’s me as a human being.
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