Academic CV

Church CV

Since I enjoy being on the cusp of technology, (the cusp of everything really), I decided to make an online dossier complete with curriculum vitæ in both HTML and PDF. My dossier also includes DVD video and CD audio recordings organized both by composer as well as by concert, including programs and notes associated with each event.

There is a great deal of content in this website and I have labored mightily to organize it carefully so as to make the navigation as user friendly as possible.
Ergo there are pull down menus above the banner image; a breadcrumb trail in the footer. If all else fails, search the site.

Meanwhile, there is email and the old reliable snail mail to transmit documents. I‘m happy to do either, to best satisfy the requirements of the institution to which I apply.

To the left you will find two PDFs. The first is a CV designed specifically for academia; the second is for churches. You may click on them to download.
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